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Conference “Towards an intercultural Europe” (France)

Bruno Freyssinet participated in the conference Towards an Intercultural Europe … organized by the Syndeac (National Union of Artistic and Cultural Enterprises) in collaboration with Relais Culture Europe in Paris (France). He presented

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Polart Circle Event: Workshop conference, Social and Political Theatre in the auzoan quarter – Ortzaï, Spain

A few months after a first event, the Ortzaï Theatre proposed a second workshop on 5 September 2019, this time focusing on a more precise theme: the political theatre in the Gasperi district. This workshop was attended by members of theatre,

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Conference (Un)easy alliances / #Conversations (France)

(Un)easy alliances / #Conversations Sept. 5th 2019. Transplanisphere was represented by Bruno Freyssinet at a talk organized by Relais Culture Europe, Anis Gras venue (Grand Paris, France). He presented the projects results of Polart Circle and

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Polart Circle Event session 2 – Zagreb, Croatia

As the Polart Circle project is coming to an end, the Public Open University of Zagreb organized a second conference at its premises on July 17, 2019. Sitting around the large conference table, participants got an overview of the whole project,

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Polart Circle Event: Active in Europe: what are the advocacy prospects in the aftermath of the European elections? – Rome

On 8 July 2019, Cittadinanzattiva organised a conference in Rome to present the Polart Circle project and discuss the citizens’ issues related to current European policies and the last elections. Supported by the “Active Citizenship

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Polart Circle Event: Workshop conference on writing and directing – Social and political theatre – Ortzaï, Spain

The Ortzaï Theatre, based in Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain, conducted a two-day event on July 1st and 2nd, 2019 to promote the Polart Circle project. The event brought together professional and amateur artists, members of NGOs and cultural associations

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Polart Circle Event at Teatermaskinen – Riddarhyttan, Sweden

June 8th 2019, a beautiful day of sharing at Teatermaskinen, a community theatre based in the Sweden woods 250km distant from Stockholm. Teatermaskinen artists presented the Polart Circle project and the methodology of truth motherfucker LINK.

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