Documentary theatre:
interviewing experts and writing from their characters


The focus is the performance style documentary theatre. Learn how to plan and conduct an investigation into a topic, through a variety of methods, such as interviews, immersive experience, research, data collection.

Once we have this research, how can we turn that raw material into a play? What form will it take? Which material will we choose to use and how? How will it all fit into a coherent final product? 


Organisation La Transplanisphère

Designers/developers Bruno Freyssinet and Arthur Navellou

Interview: Bruno Freyssinet on the writing of The European Crisis Games, Xavier Timbaud, Economist and Director of L’Observatoire français des conjonctures économiques (OFCE), Gregory Veux, composer of the ECG soundtrack, and Boubkar Benzabat, documentary filmmaker.


Example material The European Crisis Games, a play inspired by a former documentary play and the editing of interviews. Extracts from the play in Greece (Epidaurus), and in France (Paris). 

The European Crisis Games is an interactive theatrical experience using techniques of documentary theatre to engage audiences to reconsider and understand the 2008-2009 financial crisis. 

Spotlight Episode

Season 1, MOOC 1, Episode 1

Discover how to use the techniques of Documentary Theatre to adapt research and material collected into a play. 


Polart Circle S1 M1 E1 / Documentary theatre methodology, step by step

Bruno Freyssinet and Arthur Navellou present the step by step process to develop a documentary

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Polart Circle S1 M1 E2 / interview Gregory Veux, composer

Grégory Veux, composer and musician, tells about his creative work in the context of the

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Mooc S1 M1 E2B / Musical extracts European Crisis Games

Polart Circle S1 M1 E3 / interview Boubkar Benzabat, film-maker

Boubkar Benzabat, a cinematographer, tells about his work for documentary films and the

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Polart Circle S1 M1 E4 / interview Xavier Timbaud, economist OFCE

Xavier Timbaud, economist, tells about what it feels to be interviewed in the context of the

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Polart Circle S1 M1 E5 / The European Crisis Games, example of documentary theatre

Height European citizens are sorted out from the crowd to perform the European financial games.

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