Season #1


Who is it for?

Do you want to explore a political topic through an artistic experience? The first step: writing. But there are many ways to “write”…


To learn how to plan and execute a writing process when creating new art focusing on political issues. 


The overlap between art and politics, and how techniques of the former can be used to explore topics of the latter.

Documentary theatre: interviewing citizens and writing from their characters and words

How to investigate a topic (interviews, immersive experiences, data collection) and use this material to write a play.

creating on memory and
in (some) ideas of politics

How to write a script that might help to develop a performance, based on rewriting, devised materials and ideas?

Write a monolog through an investigation and a collection of testimonies

From numerous personal testimonies to the writing of one character monologue - how to collect, transcript, analyse, and select material.

Writing a performance from an open consultation

How to develop a site specific performance based on a public debate? How to make the experience interactive?

Devising theatre for performance

How to take an idea and, using a variety of different stimuli and techniques, develop a piece of theatrical work.

Political Theater, Global Approach

The writing of political theater refers to the fundamentals of theater. Here is a pedagogical approach with examples.