MOOC #17

Performing politically
without speaking politics


When we think of the political sphere as somehow different from the private sphere or realm we can see that theatre as a shared environment has the possibility to speak to both the private and public spheres.

Theatre is a social space where women and men and children can gather experiment, play and represent. In other words theatre can add to our already existing public discourse: our reflections upon ourselves and our society.


Organisation Volcano Theatre

Designer/developers Anna-Sophia Tutton and Thomas Leonard – actors with Volcano Youth Theatre

Catherine Bennett – Volcano Theatre’s Director of Movement

Neal McWilliams and Elin Phillips – actors with Volcano Theatre

Dr Paul Davies – Volcano Theatre’s Artistic Director


Example material 

‘The Mighty New’ children’s class improvisation

The Populars



Spotlight Episode

Season 3, Mooc 17, Episode 1
Interview with Neal McWilliams and Elin Phillips, Catherine Bennett – Volcano Theatre