Creating on memory


How to write a script that might help to develop a performance? The Mooc will tell a process of writing (rewriting) inspired by several materials, as official propaganda, spread texts, online comments, research material, other information, all crushed and crafted in a devised procedure. Here, it´s showned one way of writing a possible script. This Mooc is presented as film#1 (path); film#2 (procedures); film #3 (an example) and interviews.


Organisation ExQuorum

Designer/developer: Hugo Miguel Coelho

Interviews: José Rodrigues dos Santos, Ana Tamen, José Canha, Luis Garcia.


Example material
several projects and performances from coisasdocorpo, as “Guerras/Crises” (“War/Crisis”), as a guideline of thought.


Spotlight Episode

Season 1, Mooc 2, Episode 1