The centre on stage or the stage on centre


How to run a sequence of public performative and physical exercises, developing a barely perceptible performance among the usual routine in the very main centre of the city of Évora. π PI – Projecto de Investigação from Ana Silveira Ferreira used to develop its performative and aesthetical journey, based on Time, Wait, Reality of bottom rank, Duration, Difference and repetition conceptualization. With this Mooc we propose: “Film #1 Prologue, thematic and purpose” (with PI´s short presentation), “Film #2 Zero workshop” (with some images/ideas about how to create an exercise and some short testimonies) and “Film #3 The centre on stage or the stage on centre, the videoperformance” (with a final session of work recorded in a public space – Roman Temple Garden, along sunrise).


Organisation: ExQuorum

Designer/developer: Ana Silveira Ferreira

Interview: Ana Silveira Ferreira + Joana Cavaco, with Eric Ruiz de Loizaga, Silvia Martínez Tazo and Loreta Vaskova´s short commentaries.


Example material π PI – Projecto de Investigação, by Ana Silveira Ferreira.

Examples from “Diz-me tu que tempo/ Tell me what time” with GATUÈ – University of Évora Academic Group Theatre (Évora, 2004), “A dimensão poética da espera/ Poetical dimension of waiting” with João Castro (Valongo, 2005/6), “Como um remador à deriva/ Like a paddler adrift” with Mariana Dias e Nuno Coelho (Aveiro, Évora, Paris and Kraków, 2008/9), “Ampulheta/ Hourglass” with Joana Cavaco at Tadeusz Kantor´s Centenary International Conference (University of Évora, 2015), “Para um pequeno teatro de recordações/ For a small theatre of memories” with Abrigo dos Trabalhadores de Montemor at X International Puppet Festival (Montemor, 2017) and “Zero workshop” (Polart Circle, 2018).

Spotlight Episode

Season 2, MOOC 9, Episode 1