Polart Circle S1 M1 E5 / The European Crisis Games, example of documentary theatre

Transadmin/ May 5, 2017/ MOOC S1 M1, No class

Height European citizens are sorted out from the crowd to perform the European financial games. The European Union wants them to learn how finance works. They have to portrait economists, bankers, traders, academics… They have to understand the european economy, what big business means. How much money can they make? How far can they go? How much Europe can feel for such games?


freely inspired by The Power of Yes by David Hare
director Bruno Freyssinet
musical director Grégory Veux
collaboration Nathalie Yanoz Ikse Maître
sound Julien Lafosse
production Juliette Bompoint Julie Paule


Clémence Chatagnon
Hayet Chouachi
Hugo Miguel Coelho
Dimitri d’Urbano
Marilou Malo
Samuel Roger
Linus Sundqvist
Jessica Walter Gabory

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