Polart Circle Event: Workshop conference, Social and Political Theatre in the auzoan quarter – Ortzaï, Spain

Marion Pollet/ September 5, 2019/ Activities, news

A few months after a first event, the Ortzaï Theatre proposed a second workshop on 5 September 2019, this time focusing on a more precise theme: the political theatre in the Gasperi district.

This workshop was attended by members of theatre, music, dance, choir associations, NGO as well as media (including Radio Popular and El Correo).

During this event, the participants had the opportunity to discuss and study a specific example of street actions that take theatre to places where a political or social issue exist: a depressed and conflictive neighbourhood like Gasperi.

Attendants were to participate both actively through soft gentle proposals leading to create a common sense of community before encouraging them to work on improvised situations about certain issues and passively, watching some projections about the street/neighbourhood/community theatrical work to be discussed.

After a gentle practical introduction by Adriana and Davide (members of the theatre and of the Polart Circle project), the videos and images projection was followed by a colloquium and a discussion on engaged theatre: Theatre (Art in general) as a tool to face social challenges or the social benefit of theatre (Art) as a collateral effect of the artistic search for beauty?



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