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Based on public interrogation processes, ExQuorum intends to establish (local and international) dramaturgical and artistic interventions, encouraging active citizenship (working with students, amateur actors, youth groups from other local institutions), based on intergenerational researches (involving older people, namely by collecting their memories), through theatre creation dynamics, inspired all the time by different disciplinary sources – such as economics, politics, sociological areas.

Since 2006, ExQuorum works continuously on cultural programming and artistic production, having been responsible per example for “Encontro de Ani+ 2007” (international meeting of investigation projects), “Like a paddler adrift” performance tourney (Aveiro/ Évora/ Paris/ Kraków, with Theatre Young Creators Portuguese 2008 and 2009 distinctions), “30 and something in a the slow death camp” (initiative about Tarrafal, with Lusophony Creations award, developed between Portugal and Cape Verde, in 2009), “War/Crisis 2011-2012” (local programme to share, record and recreate memories of colonial Portuguese war); ExQuorum has also taken part in International Conference to Oral Tradition (Ourense/Spain 2010 and Évora 2012) and was partner in europen projects such as “Sifnos Crisis” (supported in 2013 by Youth in Action) and “World Crisis Theatre” 2012-2014 (supported by Programme Culture).

In summary, until the beginning of 2014, ExQuorum produced/created 27 performances (most of them with original, portuguese or bilingual, texts), involving long creation processes in relationship with several local institutions, promoted more than 60 workshops and 20 artistic residences, streamlined or participated in 15 festivals, welcomed more the 30 other creators.

During these years, ExQuorum´s activities were supported by several entities, such as Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, Institute Mediterranean, Spain Embassy, Acto – Dramatic Art Institute, National Centre for Culture/ Portuguese Institute for Youth, Municipality of Évora, D.G.Artes – the public funding for arts, IEFP – the public institute for employment, working in an intimate relationship with different institutions such as Cricoteka (Kraków), Washington, Malta and Cape Verdean Universities, Centre for Art History, Centre for the Studies in Letters and Theatre Department from University of Évora, Senior University of Évora, Portuguese Cultural Centres in Praia and Mindelo (Cape Verde), CEAI, CENDREV, Cercidiana, Red Cross, Cáritas, among many others.

Nowadays, ExQuorum is strongly dedicated to social intervention and inclusion projects. This is made through art processes with several (local and international) entities. It’s also being focus on international artistic cooperation : for example, ExQ is namely being partner in “Tadeusz Kantor´s Centenary International Conference 2015” with University of Évora/Colecção B, with Polish Embassy in Portugal support.

Hugo Miguel Coelho has been in charge, during the last years, for ExQuorum´s Artistic and Executive Production Direction, working also as trainer/facilitator with different target groups. He holds a Master in Directing/Dramaturgy, has a post-graduation in Contemporary Creative Writing and a degree in Theatre Studies at University of Évora, studing also in Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. Is artistic director and performer at “coisasdocorpo”, a creative cluster.

Ana Silveira Ferreira has been, during the last few years, ExQuorum´s Bord Director, being responsible for their international projects management, working also as trainer and researcher. She holds a Master in Philosophy/Aesthetics by FCSH – Universidade Nova de Lisboa and is graduated in Theatre Studies by University of Évora. She conducts a living-researching project, named “π – Projecto de Investigação”, based on Marcel Proust´s biggest novel contents, as insipiration to a research-creation-pedagogical programme.

Joana Cavaco has collaborated, during this last year, with ExQuorum in pedagogical in social intervention projects. She holds a Master in “Child and Arts” and a degree in Theatre from the University of Évora, attending the Erasmus program at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. In this area context, made monitoring of physical activities and artistic expressions, with children and young people.[:]

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