Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre – LMTA (Vilnius, Lithuania)

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Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) – is a university type state National institution of higher education, which trains highly qualified professionals in theatre, dance, music and films/multimedia arts. The Academy operates on the basis of two faculties, namely, the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Theatre and Film (FTF). The FTF is comprised of Departments of Performance and Directing, Film and Television, Art History and Theory, and Dance and Movement; as well as Art Management Division and the following subdivisions: Training Theatre (School Theatre), and Training Film and TV Studio. FTF delivers study programmes of the first and second cycle (BA and MA) and doctoral studies of art in the area of theatre and film.

Also Academy is presenting courses, studies and workshops for young adults, who are not involved in professional arts activity. In LMTA there is also a Centre of Development of Qualification and Career, which is organizing various seminars for the teachers in life long learning activities. Since 2008 Center is providing distance learning courses using Moodle enviroment.
Art Center inside of Academy organises concerts, performances and different projects for social excluded, vulnerable, youth groups. The educational program is held in the regions of Lithuania as well.

Founded in 1933, the Academy currently numbers over 940 students.
LMTA is committed to building creative, artistic and research partnerships with local and international institutions, and offering a variety of services to community:
– artistic production events (concerts, theatre and dance performances, film screenings and various festivals),
– non-formal education for children and adults (children music school, Small theatre academy, lifelong learning, professional development and distant learning courses, open workshops, seminars and lectures),
– community projects (clinica musicalis, discussion club „Dialogue Factory“, cinema club Šoblės klubas, „Academy on the move“).

The Academy is committed to promoting the international quality of studies and equality of its activities and aims to create opportunities for individual artistic development, to extend creative, artistic and research partnerships with international institutions and promote sustainable internationalization strategy through diversification of activities and extended cooperation.

Diversification of international activities includes a roadmap for actions where international and global projects are prioritized if lead to transformation of LMTA culture, better services, capability and added value; outputs produced by cooperation projects improve the way LMTA moves towards the desired level of internationalization. Portfolio of EU and non-EU cooperation projects 2014-2020 includes internationalization of study curricula, LMTA community, and services to society (lifelong learning, virtual/distance).

LMTA coordinated a number of high-quality EU project: Erasmus IPs Erasmus Conducting Course, Session of European Chamber Music Academy; interdisciplinary Erasmus IP We make an Opera; projects in film IP Summer Video Studio, EU Media training project Summer Media Studio. LMTA participates in number of projects coordinated by partner institutions in music performance, ethnomusicology, interdisciplinary projects, curriculum modernization, virtual learning and digitalization of resources (Harmos, Variazioni, Foremi).

LMTA Career and Competences Centre is responsible for qualification development, e-learning/distance learning and student career development. Aims of the centre are focused on development of life-long learning activities and qualities in LMTA, including development of e-learning possibilities for studies and professional development. Since 2014 centre expanded its activity span to include informal adult education.

The LMTA Faculty of Theatre and Cinema organizes festivals, which are also used as a platform for cultural entrepreneurship skills development. It is worth to mention International Student Festival of Contemporary Dance SHOCK ACADEMIA, multidisciplinary festival Slushku festival and Shoble film festival which has been initiated by dance, drama, film and management students of the LMTA. Those created platforms were not only for young dance, drama, film students to present their performances to the audience, but also for other students working on the implementation of the festival to understand how cultural events are managed and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

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