Cittadinnanzativa / ACN Active citizenship network (Rome, Italy)

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Active Citizenship Network is a European network of more than 100 citizens organizations that work in 30 European countries. It was created in November 2001 and promoted by Cittadinanzattiva.


Cittadinanzattiva is an Italian non-profit organization founded in 1978. Its main objectives are the promotion of civic participation and the protection of citizens’ rights in Italy and Europe.

The mission of Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is twofold:
• To contribute to the development of a European Active Citizenship
• To promote the participation of citizens’ organizations in European and national public policies.

In 2007 ACN was presented the Civil Society Award by the European Economic and Social Committee for its work in promoting citizens participation in Europe.

ACN has a specific expertise in analyzing civic activism and the existing processes of citizen participation, the expectations of citizens’ organizations regarding their involvement in policy-making, as well as the obstacles to this involvement, at the EU level and in different Member States. Its main objective is to use this information to make policy proposals aimed at improving citizens’ participation. Its strategy is to promote the point of view of European citizens in all policy areas.
Over the years, ACN has coordinated various EU projects (funded by the DG Education and Culture, DG Social Affairs, DG Sanco), most of them specifically regarding citizens protection.

As an official member of the “civil dialogue group”, ACN cooperates and has a regular dialogue with the European Commission as a relevant partner and expert in order to discuss all matters relating to the Europe for Citizens programme, including “Remembrance” and “Democratic and civic engagement”, and to its implementation. For more information:[:]

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