Polart Circle event on Brexit, Sciences Po Paris (France)

Transadmin/ January 23, 2019/ news

Jan. 23 2019. As part of Sciences Po Paris, Rue St Guillaume, 20 students and teachers from different universities and schools in the Paris region were invited to participate in an event as part of the European project Polart Circle.

Sciences Po students participating in the Polart Circle collective project hosted a workshop on Brexit showing the documentary theater methodology developed by the Transplanisphere.

Beyond the practical experience, participants were also able to learn about the different dimensions of the Polart Circle project, Mooc video productions accessible online. The presentation was provided by Bruno Freyssinet, project director of the company.

The aim was to make the participants aware of these innovative approaches, combining theater and citizen debate on a complex current subject such as Brexit, and adaptable to other contexts for future projects.


The Polart Circle project involves companies, schools, universities and NGOs in France, Sweden, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania. It aims to create a series of MOOCs (online video courses) to help professionals such as amateurs or education stakeholders to set up their own artistic projects around political issues. It is planned to have high school student volunteers participate again during the next shoot of one of these MOOCS.


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