Mooc S2 M7 E1 Introduction

Transadmin/ March 1, 2018/ MOOC S2 M7


Transplanisphere is a theatre company that explores social, political and international issues.
In recent years, we have tackled many different themes that had a crisis situation in common; for example
– the international crisis of September 11, 2001
– the financial crisis and the European tensions that followed,
– the crisis of the notion of identity in Europe, and the very question of the European identity.
- And, finally, the migration crisis, and how to change our perception of these events,
Many different conflicts as you can see. Why? Well, because this is something that concerns us. But also because a crisis situation is the basis of a story, a dramaturgy, a situation in motion, a transformation. This is often the story of society’s mutation: 
And theatre needs these ingredients to reach the viewer and to invite him to question himself…

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