MOOC #18

Creating a personal narrative
in documentary theatre


Is there enough creative space for actors, directors, set designers and composers left in documentary theatre? This question stems from the method of this form of theatre – authentic sources demand ethical approach and little variation on the original story. The aim of this seminar is to explore this problematic issue, find means of creating a personal narrative and remain creative in this form of theatre.


Organisation Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Designer/developer: Loreta

Documentary theatre formed at the beginning of the 20 C. and up to this day it is based and draws inspiration from various sources like interviews, diaries, articles, video recordings, court cases, etc.


The subject of this seminar could be described by two keywords: nowadays global crisis and stories of various personnel. The main question of the seminar: how does a simple man exist in the context of various events. In this seminar, these keywords will serve as starting points for the emergence of personal actors’ creative work. During the five days of the seminar the participants will learn: the historical development of the documentary theatre, main rules of the verbatim theatre form (interviewing and headphones verbatim); using various association exercises and monologue writing, the participants will attempt to create their own personal narrative related to the subject of the seminar.

Spotlight Episode

Season 3, Mooc 18, Episode 1