Season #1 / Mooc #4 by ODC Ensemble > writing a performance from an open consultation

  • Topic: How to develop a site specific performance based on a public debate? How to make the experience interactive even when performed? How to address and connect  people from the debate to the deliver?
  • Designer/developer: Elli Papakonstantinou, director / Dimitris Bampilis, dramaturge
  • Example.  ΜΕΤΑ, a performance about the end of the world.  The project questioned people to society in a moment of crisis and the period after. A site-specific performance that incorporates theatre, dance, music and visual arts.
  • Interview: Elli Papakonstantinou, director / Dimitris Bampilis, dramaturge

Polart Circle S1 M4 E1 / ODC Ensemble / step by step

Elli Papakonstantinou and team present the step by step process to develop a play.

Polart Circle S1 M4 E2 / ODC Ensemble / Interview Elli Papakonstantinou, director

Polart Circle S1 M4 E3 / ODC Ensemble / interview with Tilemachos Moussas


Polart Circle S1 M4 E4 / ODC Ensemble / interview Pantelis Makkas, visual artist

Polart Circle S1 M4 E5 / ODC Ensemble / simple exercices

Polart Circle S1 M4 E6 / ODC Ensemble / Forum extracts