Season #2


Who is it for?

Do you want to stage a text that questions a political topic? Let’s examine different approaches of the performing space.


To learn how to design and run a staging process when creating new art focusing on political issues. 


What might be specific in bringing on stage a topic that has a political dimension?

Staging in a live video environment

How to stage a documentary play combining actors and a live video environment with cameras and screens.

Staging the Truthmotherfcuker

A staging experience based on testimonies

The centre on stage or the stage on centre

How to run a sequence of public performances among the usual passers-by in the centre of a city.

MOOC #10
Design an interactive installation in a public space

How to design an interactive artistic installation in the public space questioning a hot social and political issue.

MOOC #11
Applied theatre in action

How to create a piece of theatre based on the experiences of a particular group of people, who are then the principle audience members.

MOOC #12
Performing in a minority language

How to create a performance in one (or more) minority languages?