Saison #2

Mise en scène

Angle d'approche

Explorer un sujet politique par une expérience artistique sous l’angle de la conception et la mise en scène. 


Apprendre sur des approches européennes de mise en scène du politique. 


6 Moocs

Staging in a live video environment

How to stage a documentary play combining actors and a live video environment with cameras and screens.

The centre on stage or the stage on centre

How to run a sequence of public performances among the usual passers-by in the centre of a city.

Staging a community project in nature

How to gather a village community for a common performative experience in a local, natural environment.

MOOC #10
Design an interactive installation in a public space

How to design an interactive artistic installation in the public space questioning a hot social and political issue.

MOOC #11
Realistic staging of a true story

How to realistically stage fiction based on a true story. What is realistic on stage? How can one be the most realistic, true, and sincere?

MOOC #12
Applied theatre in action

How to create a piece of theatre based on the experiences of a particular group of people, who are then the principle audience members.