MOOC #16

Associating performers from different disciplines


This MOOC will address the problems encountered when associating artists of different disciplinary backgrounds. How can you create a language allowing a cooperation between performers, musicians and visual artists?


Organisation ODC Ensemble

Designer/developer Elli Papakonstantinou 

Interview Elli Papakonstantinou (director), Tilemachos Moussas (Music), Adrian Frieling (performer)


Example material SKIN/DERMA

A performance based on T. Hobbe’s LEVIATHAN. A ‘tribute’ to mechanical work, apathy and resistance.

Spotlight Episode

Season 3, Mooc 16, Episode 1 



ExQuorum (Evora, Portugal)

Based on public interrogation processes, ExQuorum

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Cittadinnanzativa / ACN Active citizenship network (Rome, Italy)

Active Citizenship Network is a European network

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ODC Ensemble (Athens, Greece)

  ODC Ensemble is a registered non-profit

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Ortzai (Vitoria Gasteiz, Basque country, Spain)

ORTZAI is a Theatre Centre, founded by actor Iker

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The story of the partnership

  [:en]For a detailed presentation of each

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La Transplanisphère (Paris, France)

  Since 2008, La Transplanisphere has been

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Volcano theatre (Swansea, Wales, UK)

Volcano is a small, energetic, responsive arts

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New tools to question political issues through art

How to stimulate greater involvement among people

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