Saison #3


Angle d'approche

Voulez-vous représenter un sujet politique à travers une expérience artistique? La dernière étape est celle où vous rencontrez le public.


Apprendre sur différentes approches d’interprétation vues par des artistes européens, ainsi que leur relation avec les publics. 


Différentes façons de considérer le moment de l’interprétation: texte, corps, espace, contextes.

MOOC #13
Performing with multicultural artists

How to work with artists from different cultural backgrounds and/or countries, and the use of multiple languages on stage.

MOOC #14
From rhetoric of words to rhetoric of movement

How to transpose speeches and concepts through body, space and time, with a language freed from the constraints of idioms.

MOOC #15
Community, Heritage, Rememberance

How to connect with a community to explore their heritage, remember their stories, and recreate their identity.

MOOC #16
Associating performers on stage from different disciplines

How can performers of different disciplines collaborate on artistic projects expressing political concerns?

MOOC #17
Social media and audience participation as “performers” in theatrical performances

How to harness the new communicative and interactive possibilities of social media for theatrical performances.

MOOC #18
Introduction to Tadashi Suzuki Method of Actor Training

Tadashi Suzuki Method of Actor Training develops the actor’s inner physical sensibilities; building willpower, stamina and concentration.